Power Meter





    Display Forward, Reflected and VSWR simultaneously


Range from   50µW to 1W


VSWR from 1.04 to 9.99:1


2 GHz to 6 GHz


Diagnose 802.11a,b and g WLAN, 802.15.4 Zigbee


Usable as Field Strength Meter








For WLAN Power Meter


Model No.:




Frequency range:

2 – 6 GHz

Insertion loss:


Absolute accuracy :

±1dB Within WLAN Bands

Power range indicated:

10µW – 999mW

VSWR indicated:

1.01 – 9.99 : 1



Peak Detect of:

<1mS pulse

Auto Power off

1 minute



Field Strength Meter with antenna and load:

Indicate Transmitted power :10

when antenna adjacent to tx antenna



Power Supply:                      

3Volt (2 X AA Alkaline)

Max power consumption:  

50 mA

Operating time (no backlight)

20 Hours



Optional Accessories:

SMA to RPSMA adaptors

Belt clip





EN55022 /B



Dimensions:                        - Width:

                                              - Depth:

                                            - Height:

65 mm excl. connectors

23 mm  

120 mm



Weight incl. Batteries:

approx. 180g

Temperature:                      - Operating

                                            - Storage

0 to 40°C

-20 to 80°C

 Colour:                                  - Standard








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Modified 20-01-2012