Broadcast RF Power Monitor



Digital RF Power Meter.

The RF Power Monitor accuracy and detector mode notes.

The RF Power Monitor accuracy is depending on several parameters such as the external coupler adjustment accuracy, the probe frequency and amplitude accuracy, the conversion function from analogue to digital and some variation with the ambient temperature. Adding all this will give a total accuracy of ± 5% from 5ºC to 50ºC.

Since this instrument is not based on diode detectors the wave form detection is based on software routines taking care of peak and average calculations.

The RMS detection will be close to a thermal bolometer type detector and will give correct reading of  CW carriers, AM/FM carriers and digital multi carrier such as DVB-T , 8VSB, CDMA with a time constant of approximately 0.3 Seconds.

The Peak function will indicate the maximum power of SSB, Analogue TV signals (NTSC or CCIR –PAL) and Pulse modulated carriers where the pulse duration is greater than 4µS.

The Average function is intended for averaging Analogue TV signals over approximate 50 frames.


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