Broadcast RF Power Monitor




Digital RF Power Meter.


RMS, Average and Peak Sync modes


    VHF Band I, II and III, UHF Band IV and V


Frequency compensated for use with Directional Coupler  


Optional VSWR Calculator.


Optional Alarms on Forward power, Reflected power and VSWR. 


Optional controller for external temperature, voltage, and current 

Monitoring and limit checking.

Optional RS232 Interface






For Broadcast Power Monitor with external coupler

Model No.:


  Frequency range: (Coupler dependent )

50 – 860 MHz

Coupling Flatness ,  from 6dB/octave

Probes 3015,3016



Absolute accuracy after offset adjustment:

±0,2dB (±4%)

True RMS Power range:

-34dBm to +10dBm

Peak Power range:


Dynamic range:


Power readout: Auto range 1KW – 999KW

1024 steps

Coupler attenuation VHF @ 100MHz:

43dB to 73dB

Coupler attenuation UHF @ 500MHz:

50dB to 80dB

VSWR readout:

1,00:1 – 9,99:1

Remote Temperature Sensing

0 - 99ºC

Remote Voltage Sensing

0 – 100V DC

Remote Current Sensing

0 – 3V DC (1024 bits)

Relay Out/Digital Out:

Open Collector 50V/0,5A

Controller out for SNMP or dialup

RS232 1200- 9600 Bps

Power Supply:                      -AC power:

90-264V  @50 - 60 Hz

Max power consumption:    -AC



EN55022 /B

Connectors:                        - RF sensors

                                            - Power AC in rear

Options:                               - Analogue/digital

     -                                      - RS232

DB9 Female


DB9 Female

DB9 Male

Dimensions:                        - Width:

  19” unit                                - Depth:

                                            - Height:

482.5 mm

180 mm  

44 mm

Dimensions:                        - Width:

Stand alone unit                  - Depth:

                                            - Height:

216 mm

180 mm  

53 mm


Approx. 1,8 kg

Temperature:                      - Operating

                                            - Storage

5 to 50°C

-20 to 80°C

 Colour:                                  - Standard

Silver Anodised



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Modified 19-11-2004