WLAN Directional Antenna

The COMM-connect WLAN Directional LPDA Antenna offers superior performance in applications requiring directivity. The antenna comes fully equipped with cable & SMA male connector, which makes it very easy to install in any type of installation. Our Antenna is housed in a very rugged radome, orginally designed for Maritime applications.


· High Directivity
· Low Insertion loss
· SMA connector
· Rugged housing
· Cable

Type 7007:


· Frequency range: 2 - 6GHz
· Antenna gain (typ.): +7.5dBi
· 3dB Beam Width (typ.): 70 deg.
· Front to Back (typ.): 15dB
· Maximum Power: +30dBm
· Dome diameter: 96mm
· Cable length: 1 Meter
· Size: 290mm X 96mm
· Connector type: SMA Male
· Operating temp: -40C - 85C



· Outdoor hotspots

· Point-to-point WLAN

· Building-to-building WLAN

· Rugged design

Return loss: