Mini VHF/UHF Rx Cpl. 4-way

The COMM-connect Mini VHF/UHF Receive Coupler 4-way can be used in receive distribution systems where many receivers utilize one antenna system. The combiner comes with a selection of 4 different connectors, which makes it very easy to adapt to any type of installation. Mechanical mounting is made easy by mounting flaps protruding the casing.


· High dynamic range
· Low Noise amplifier
· High isolation
· Burnout protected
· Built in 12V

Type 6012:


· Frequency range: 50 - 1000MHz
· Gain setting: 0dB
· Amplitude flatness: ±1dB
· Noise figure: 7dB
· Temperature range: 0C to +70C
· Housing: Aluminium
· Size: 152x137x35mm
· Connector types: N,BNC,TNC or UHF



· Multiple receivers

· Light weight

· Multi channel systems