4-to-1 E-TETRA Combiner

The COMM-connect 4-to-1 E-TETRA combiner allows for four stations to utilize one antenna. The combiner is equipped with BNC female connectors, which makes it very easy to install in any type of installation. Mechanical mounting is made easy by mounting flaps protruding the casing.


· 4 stations on 1 Antenna
· Easy mounting
· Quick connect BNC
· Cost effective
· Light weight
· Rugged housing

Type 2044:


· Frequency range: 360MHz - 440MHz
· Power per TX port: < 10W
· Insertion loss: < -7dB per channel
· SWR: 1.2:1
· Tx/Tx isolation: >30dB
· Temperature range: -20C to +60C
· Housing: Aluminium
· Size: 147mm X 135mm X 31mm
· Connector type: BNC Female
· Weight: < 495g

Insertion loss, Ant to P1:


· Police cars

· Fire Trucks

· Military vehicles

· Critical Communications

Isolation, P1 to P2: